Municipals sold off Wednesday with the largest losses up front, pushing the one-year triple-A yield well above 2%, the first time since March 2020. U.S. Treasuries were weaker and equities ended down. U.S. Treasuries started the day with large losses after higher inflation numbers out of Europe led to volatility early on but they pared
Short-end munis extended their days long selloff, continuing to play catch up to short-end U.S. Treasuries, as triple-A munis correct from recent outperformance relative to taxables. USTs were firmer, while equities were up near the close. Triple-A benchmarks rose 11 to 15 basis points on the one-year and three to eight basis points in two
Infrastructure projects delivered as public-private partnerships have so far been protected from punishing construction cost increases because the contractors are legally on the hook for cost overruns and have been healthy enough to absorb the blows. But inflation, coupled with material and labor shortages, are prompting some contractors to exit the space, and accelerating a
Vern Breland, the former mayor of Sterlington, Louisiana, responded Friday to fraud charges leveled by the Securities and Exchange Commission by denying any wrongdoing. Breland, the Texas-based municipal advisory firm Twin Spires Financial, and Aaron Fletcher, owner of Twin Spires, were charged with fraud in June in connection with the sale of some $5.8 million
Heavy competition for a significantly lower volume of municipal bonds drove a sharp decline in overall underwriting spreads to $3.54 in the first half of 2022, the lowest level in 20 years. The latest data from Refinitiv representing the first six months of 2022 underscores what has been a steady and developing trend over the
Throughout the first half of the year, supply has fallen below market participants’ expectations, with the drop in issuance being driven by rising interest rates that have stymied refunding and taxable volumes. Continued market volatility, inflation hitting decade highs, and uncertainty over the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions kept issuers on the sidelines. Total volume in
The U.S. House of Representatives Friday sent President Joe Biden a long-debated climate, tax and healthcare bill. The legislation passed with a vote of 220 to 207 along party lines. Biden’s signature will mark the final chapter for an 18-month-long saga marked by intense negotiations among Democrats, who used a parliamentary procedure called reconciliation to
Short-end munis sold off Friday as pressure from two-year U.S. Treasury yields as well as rising floating-rate muni yields have begun to hit the triple-A yield curves. Treasuries were better five years and out while equities rallied to close out the week. Triple-A curves saw yields rise by as much as eight to 10 basis