The economic crisis in Sri Lanka is deepening. The rupee has plunged to record lows against the dollar on the back of blackouts, food shortages and sky-high prices. The country may have as little as $500mn left in foreign reserves though a $1bn bond repayment is due in a few months. With the IMF ready
Tax experts have criticised the “disingenuous” explanation given by the wife of chancellor Rishi Sunak for claiming non-domiciled status. Akshata Murty, who married Sunak in 2009, owns a stake in Indian technology company Infosys, founded by her father, that is thought to be worth more than £500mn. Her spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that she holds
A leading infrastructure investor is eyeing the liquefied natural gas sector after raising a new $15bn fund, capitalising on Europe’s search for energy supply alternatives to Russia. I Squared Capital is among a handful of private capital firms dedicated to infrastructure investment. In the past decade the Miami-based group has grown to $34bn in assets,
Shell will take a writedown of up to $5bn after its decision to quit Russia as the UK-listed energy group warned extreme price volatility in commodity markets would hit cash flow. In a trading update ahead of next month’s first-quarter results, Shell said ending its three joint ventures with Kremlin-backed gas producer Gazprom would result
Elsewhere on Thursday . . .  Putin’s invasion reminds us that we live in a finite world. Worldcoin promised free crypto If they canned their eyeballs with “The Orb.” Now they feel robbed. Behind Arsenal’s retro merch boom. If stocks don’t fall, the Fed needs to force them. On regulation, racing, and safety innovation. Naked mole rats have
Good morning and welcome to Europe Express. The eurozone’s own bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, will soon be looking for a new managing director to succeed Klaus Regling when his term ends this autumn. We’ll look at who might take over and why the ESM has been struggling to play a role of late.
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This is an audio transcript of the Rachman Review podcast episode: French presidential election too close to call [MUSIC PLAYING] Gideon RachmanHello and welcome to the Rachman Review. I’m Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times. This week, we’re looking at the French presidential election. The first round of voting takes place
John Hejduk was what became known as a paper architect. It’s true that the American realised a few buildings, but his real influence was exerted through his strange sketches of enigmatic forms, evocative fragments of industrial architecture and sinister, dreamlike pieces of concentration camp towers appearing side-by-side with Ferris wheels and beach huts. One of
The writer is a bond portfolio manager at Barksdale Investment Management and co-author of ‘Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management’ Not to be left out of the ESG gold rush, a growing number of bond firms now offer environmental, social and governance funds. ESG integration has become a standard box to be checked