TWTR (Twitter) Trading Options Butterfly Spreads for an Elon Musk Buyout

Let’s talk about TWTR (Twitter) and checkout the technical analysis of TWTR.

As we look forward, do we watch to buy TWTR based on it’s price action or do we predict that the stock will drop from here?

When we analyze the support and resistance of a stock like TWTR based on its technical analysis, we get a great insight into the hot areas where the stock can go to the moon or drop like a rock.

Remember to plan according to your time-frame to trade since long-term investors may position themselves differently with TWTR than short-term traders. Have a plan prior to taking a position on TWTR to ensure you are comfortable with the risk!

With this video analysis after evaluating the charts, we can use the power of technical analysis to see if this stock is a buy or sell at the current price.

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The Critical Charts channel is focused on giving you insight on various stocks and my personal opinion on individual stock investments, how I would trade them, and evaluating the technical analysis of various stock charts. Are you ready to join me in some of my live events? Feel free to join in on the fun and ask questions…

All of the stocks mentioned in this video along with any other videos we have are opinions and not investment, financial or legal advice. These videos are for general education, information, and entertainment. Do your own due diligence and consult with a registered financial advisor before taking any position since everyone has a different risk tolerance.

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